Semalt: Most Interesting Software For URL Scraping

URL scraping is a process of extracting data from different URLs and filtering them as per your requirements. There are hundreds of website URLs on the internet, and a URL scraper is capable of scraping useful information from them without compromising on quality. The sought-after features of a URL scraper vary according to your requirements and the goal of your project. You should make sure that your URL scraping software possesses all basic features: filtering based on keyword content, proxy rotation, filtering based on website profile and filtering based on HTML code.

The best and most amazing URL scraping software are discussed below:

1. URLitor – URL Scraping and Data Extraction Tool

URLitor is one of the best and most famous data extraction and URL scraping tools on the internet. You just have to add the list of URLs, specify the HTML elements you want to retrieve from a webpage, and hit the Submit button. One of the most distinctive features of this tool is that it uses regular expressions and XPath to perform its tasks. You can select different output formats and scrape as many URLs or web documents as you want. Plus, this tool is suitable for those who don't have sufficient programming skills and lack technical knowledge. This tool can scrape up to 100 URLs in a minute without compromising on quality.

2. Scraper

Scraper is one of the best web scraping and data extraction tools on the net. It is easy-to-use and is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. Scraper is the prior choice of programmers and webmasters because it helps them extract multiple URLs at a time. You can use this tool only when you have Google Chrome as your primary web browser. Otherwise, Scraper will not extract your web pages or URLs properly. Scraper can make you love the data scraping by providing accurate and reliable results. It is possible to customize Scraper using Columns, Filter, and XPath.

3. Facebook and Twitter APIs

If you are looking to scrape Twitter or Facebook URLs, then Facebook and Twitter APIs are right for you. These APIs can be used to scrape massive amount of data from public profiles. You can also analyze or evaluate what is working for the competitors or in your industry. An API is an interface that allows the third party tools or software to access your social media sites programmatically.

4. is one of the best and most powerful web extracting or URL scraping tools. It has a user-friendly interface, and you can use it to scrape multiple web pages or URLs at a time. You can also create an API for integrating into different web applications. With, you can easily extract information from both dynamic and simple sites and obtain readable and scalable results. requires no setup and provides results in a few seconds. It allows you to select the data you want and scrape it from specific web pages via its point-and-click interface.

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